Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Watched...The Secretary who Stole Four Million Pounds

Joyti De-Laurey

So yeah I watched this drama-documentary about Joyti De-Laurey on bbc iplayer, she's the PA who nabbed £4.5 million. Her story is pretty amazing so you should defo check this out or read about her. It's crazy, people like her are nuts but the world wouldn't be the same without them! =]

BBC Link:

BBC link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0078wzb/The_Secretary_who_Stole_Four_Million_Pounds/

lele x

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


OMG OMG OMG we can't get over this greatness, lil wayne has won us over with this track featuring eminem!! Man alive is it amazing, it's no give it a few spins it's a grower it's instant sickness first play! Loving it...



lele & kel x

Monday, 22 March 2010

Angry Video Game Nerd...Watching 16mm Film Cartoons

James the AVGN is one of our all times favs on youtube, he always comes with the best/coolest videos! Check out these siiick old school cartoons he owns on film, very cool indeed! Keep the banging videos coming James.

Check this out:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Tool Station...

Me and Micky(Worthless) love this AD it always cracks us up! It's rarely on so it needed a post incase you missed it.

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Classic Tv Shows!

You know how us kids love our tv shows, well we just found ourselves reminiscing over our old favs after laughing ourselves to death over our sick sister sister photo creation in our header(I know we are genius ;])...check out these classics we love and miss!


lele + kelly x

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

[rip you a] new HOLE!

yay and yay! i love this new song, so excited for the album!!
really hope i get to see them play when they come over this year!
the broken cinderella shoe art is sick too, love is back!

This Week I Watched...

...Louis Theroux - Gambling in Las Vegas

I'm not normally late on Louis Theroux doc's I think this came out last year but I only just watched it!
Well we all know you don't get a better doc then a Louis Theroux doc and this one has all the stuff we want from him, his honest and funny his calling them out like always defo one to watch! Though my fav has to be the rap one, when he raps live on air omg that one is so funny!
Sure you all know about this guy, his always one to watch out for! Come on Louis we want more!!!! =]

lele x

this is the only reason we need to get sky!

not tv burp, duh, we watch that all the time [gotta love harry], PINEAPPLE DANCE STUDIOS wtf! dad keeps telling us how great it is and does an amazing impression of louie ahahahaha! and omg the other dude andrew at his flat ahaha lele has that sofa bed its so fucking shit, someone please donate a comfy sofa to my sister...and andrew probably needs one too.
anyone got a link to watch the episodes?


i'll never get bored of watching..

i know, i know, fucking sick!

you'd think the intro song would get annoying as they play it before every episode on the dvds but i still sing along.

effin classic


horror funnies

a few comedy horror i enjoyed recently..

i recommend them all if u like this kind thing, but people under the stairs is a must watch!



this is too cute, cant believe i never seen this before! love this song.


Monday, 15 March 2010

What's On The Box... SOUTH PARK SEASON 14 IS COMING!!!!

Yes it's time to gather round the TV set or laptop to watch the new episodes of South Park, well next month anyways! So I hear it's back next month for it's 14th Season, we could have guessed it but it's confirmed that there is an ep about old dirty tiger woods haha man you know it's going to be bad! South Park is sick and it always gets better, so we can't wait for this new season! =]

lele x

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Just seen....


Fire Fingers just shared this video and song with me, it's fucking sick! You must check it out!! =]

lele x

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Just don't get american teeth ok

look what pro green has done to his teeth! Whack! he looked so cool and unique with the crooked ones, now he just looks like any dude!

i saw this video on the telly, i know bloody ell, u gotta get simon cowell teef to get on the telly now! i like the sample and pro's verses on this but the cheesy chorus is a bit much!


very mary-kate

this girl is hilarious, catch all the episodes of the unoffical biography of mary-kate olsen here

Friday, 12 March 2010

suck it cheryl!

X-ray spex are my new obsession! check out this top of the pops performance from 78 lol! cheryl cole wishes she looked as good on the xfactor as poly styrene does here! she so copyied her look! can't touch this tho. unlucky!


i am the hero this town needs, i am , the coon!

the coon is too much, i cant take it!




It's crazy we have a trailer for 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' already! I kinda just thought it was going to start nearer the end of the year, like we don't even have New Moon on DVD yet!!? Well it looks sick and we really are looking forward to our next Vamp/Wolf fix...=]

lele x


LADY GAGA ft. Beyonce - Telephone

Bloody hell I have been watching the count down on her website(www.ladygaga.com) for this video for weeks, all the leaked pics got us thinking what the fuck will this one be like. So it's a killer ladie's themed video and yeah it's fucking sick. It's over 9min's long so I still need to have a few more watches before I can work out if it's my new fav gaga video but bloody hell it's big, weird, scary and amazing! GO GAGA! =]

lele x

Thursday, 11 March 2010

I really want to see.....


Starring the SICK and talanted Leonardo DiCaprio we know we are in for a treat with this one! "Shutter Island" looks bloody scary but something not to be missed.
I will update on this after I've seen it, have any of you seen it yet??

It's not often I'm looking forward to a film but omg this is the year for me and going to see them, I must see Shutter Island, Alice in Wonderland, The Runaways, Welcome to the Rileys and Eclipse mannnnn so many sick films to come...YAY! =]

Treat yourself with this Trailer!!

Now it's music's time to fix up!

lele x

update: we saw, we loved, LEO FOR LIFE!!


Topic: Chamillionaire

So as you prob already know Chamillionaire is one of my fav rappers, though it's just not been the same the last year. He stopped putting out his mixtapes(they are bloody amazing spesh 'Mixtape Massiah 2' bloody sick) and wanted to become a "Real" artist by only being on the album thing I guess like Eminem and most other big timers. I can understand this, giving away all these amazing lyrics and not seeing any dolla for it must suck. Hmmm I know being an artist myself it's fucking hard to get yours! Though it's not really to my taste his released this single and video which ain't bad I just prefer his harder stuff, his real talk stuff.

Chamillionaire - Good Morning

He is releasing an album called "Venom" which has been put back so many times it's unreal I think I first heard about it in 2008 and looks to be getting released now March 2010 though this is what they say god knows if it will happen.
Chamillionaire seems to be getting really frustrated with his record label and no wonder they have just sat on him and squashed everything he creates. But keep the faith man we want you to keep making music.(check out Chamillionaire TV on youtube to hear him going mental at Universal, haha)
One thing I must say is he don't do enough tours and if he did he would have an even bigger fan base, come to the UK and get out of the USA for abit, you need to get out it's bringing you down!!!

BUT the good news is with all this stress he has come back with a new mixtape something I didn't think I'd be getting! This one is called "Major Pain" and it's sounding sick from what I've heard so far check out some of the new mixtape songs here:

Please support Artist and Band you love/like if we stopped it could all just fade away and then we'll be left with the people that go on shows like X factor and American Idol and we all know they suck. Buy music, buy live tickets and support as much as you can online for free!



I Love This Song...

I Blame Coco feat Robyn - Caesar

I heard this song first time back in December and was shocked to hear something so sick and fresh that's like signed and backed by a big label! Ok I won't get to carried away, like HELLO it is Sting's daughter so yeah you could say she's got some links in the industry haha. So yeah I have heard of 'I blame Coco' before but I didn't take to her SKA-ish style it's just been done and heard before. But this song is sick, by using her voice on this kinda track makes for an amazing sounds...and I'm loving the lyrics "Can you fly?" "Yep!" "I heard Robyn's can fly" =]
So yep it was a suprise but I'm loving this song, it's been around a while though, Island better not be sitting on this. I swear lables these days sit on all the good stuff and wash our brains out with the crap they do release! Sort it out dudes!
..Look forward to hearing more.

lele x

This Week We Watched...


We found out about this one because it was starring one of our fav's Kristen Stewart(from twilight) she is much younger in this but is still the leading role which she play so well. It's really sad but it has been done well. We all know Kristen is best in her sad roles, mind you she did pull off 'Catch that Kid' which was a real kiddie film but she still pulls off so many kinds of characters she's sick.
We both enjoyed 'SPEAK' and we was both crying at the end(yeah because we cry at all the sad stuff). It has a sad yet bright ending and I could have watched more if it went on...it is a great girly film but prob not for the stuck up kinda girl, I'm sure they ain't reading this so no worries!
This has made us even more excited about her next 2 indie films coming out 'The Runaways' and 'Welcome to the Rileys' both look bloody sick so check out the trailers...

(this is not the trailer it's not been released but they have released this clip)

lele x

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Eminem freestyle on westwood

'me and westwood blastin off, jackin off, wearin acid wash bumping asher roth'

eminem! our love for u will never die!!!!




I threw my grandma out the window cos she's ugly!!


Making Us Proud...

...Here is a lil Vlog of Taylor Swifts Tour, it looks like she is having so much fun! Although I'm very jealous (I want to tour the world!) I am so happy for her she is really enjoying herself and making the most of being one of the luckiest girls alive right now! She's so talented and humble we bloody love her! Go Swifty!!!

lele =]

"I won't say your name. You know who you are. I'll never be the same again now - no way!"