Saturday, 24 October 2009

speaking of loving the music ...

.. here's some songs im loving at the moment =]

The Slits - Shoplifting

Hole - Retard Girl

Jovi Rockwell - Rizzla

Sunny Day Real Estate - faces in disguise

Paramore - Misguided Ghosts

Bad Religion - a walk [i really wanted to put the actual video up but they disabled it, watch it tho, its amazing!]

Bright Eyes - lover i dont have to love

Jemina Pearl - Undesirable

DMX - stop being greedy!

The Smiths - there is a light that never goes out

Hayley Williams - Teenagers

The Adolescents - Democracy

Descendents - Here with me

The Misfits - Last caress

i should stop now!

kelly =]

love the music - lele[SPEAKS]

new song from lele! ...she is yet to post it here, the little potato, so im a go ahead and do it myself! click the linkage


Punk metal hiphop HALLOWEEN night @ The Scream Lounge, croydon Friday 30th October

Join us for halloweeen! dress up! we have 4 live acts playing, djs, halloween cakes and sweets and more! its £3 entry on the door [£2 if u come in fancy dress!] over 18's im afraid, bring id u know what its like!

WHO'S PLAYING??!...(Click their names and check them out!)





Hope to see all you lovely croydoners there! xx

Saturday, 10 October 2009

old style wasteman tshirts..

look what i found! the very last 2 old style wasteman tshirts! (didnt realise i had these!) one small and one medium! get yours HERE

SICK BODY, SICK MIND!! friday 30th october 2009


Friday, 2 October 2009

hocus pocus!

watched this the other day! i loved this film when i was little and its still amazing! sarah jp was so cool in this aswell! i dont understand how she is so whack in everything else...
i love halloween, wish i could go america every october! they properly celebrate it! not here, we went to tesco the other day and they had NO halloween stuff what so ever, but a WHOLE aisle of christmas stuff! wtf?
were going all out for our halloween party this year, please come in costume! (i know u wont)

falling down

the other day my dad said he felt like michael douglas in falling down, so i watched it. he's really pissed off!