Thursday, 30 September 2010

Dave Franco.

So James Franco has a brother.


This is just too much handsome to handle!
but it would be wrong not to post more pictures..

he's an actor too, here's a cute as fuck video series of dave interviewing james

you are welcome x

Larry and his flask.

i kinda fucking love these guys! check em out..

The EP is available to buy direct off their Myspace


Chickenhawk album teaser.. =D

'Modern Bodies' out November 1st!

Marmite chocolate..

i love marmite but WHAT THE FUCK ?!

Last night we watched..

The Brave One!

i thought it was really good, jodie foster shoots up all the baddies, nice one jodie!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Wow just found out about these guys and I'm loving what I hear.
Just been listening to there album 'Blacklist' it's fucking sick and by the looks of these pics I need to go see these guys live!

The Ting Tings Reveal Name of Second Album!



"Just round the corner to our studio there's a massage parlour, it's called Massage Kunst," De Martino explained. "It's Massage Art, basically ["kunst" is German for "art"]. We took a picture of that and sent it to our label, saying this is the title of the album. They went berserk."

Sickness, I'm looking forward to hearing this =]


"BAT & ROB" tshirt designed by Dina Prasetyawan over at Threadless Tees


see dates on facebook HERE


Carson is a new pop punk band from Vancouver, WA [US] formed in febuary 2010, they just have one song up but its pretty good so can't wait to hear the ep they are recording! They have a girl bass player too! ..and is that 'no sleep' jumper shes wearing... a descendents jumper????? i need it!!

Listen & Download the single "Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow" for FREE on the carson myspace HERE


Sick Cakes

coffee & banoffe cakes we made last week! they were well nice & i just ate a coffee cake my mum bought me from the shop and our ones were much nicer YEAH! need more cakes..

Cinemassacre's monster madness 2010!

yep its almost october again!
HALLOWEEEEEN! ..Defo not throwing a party this year fuck that! so if i can't be here..

at least i can watch monster madness everyday for 31 days =D
Although sometimes i wish james would just shut the fuck up and get in my pants!

Angry video game nerd MOVIE!


Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Soo we went to Scotland this weekend to take the photos at our auntie's wedding because we're nice like that!
the journey going up was hellish! we missed our train by 1 minute and had to buy new tickets, which ment we had no reserved seats so kept getting chucked out of other peoples reserved seats and eventually ended up sitting on the floor by the toilet. and obviously all this moving around ment i left my tripod on the train.. not fun! what a couple of divs.. ANYWAY, Scotlands nice! beautiful and green just like i imagined it would be (i think we was in a posh area).
here's a few snaps i took when we finally arrived =]

Thursday, 23 September 2010

New! 'Stitched Up' items in the Sick Shop!

Ladies LEVI'S Mid blue denim 'Ghost Kid' bomber jacket BUY!

Ladies Black high waisted 'Cow!' denim shorts BUY!

I will be posting more Stitched up stuff next week when we get back from scotland so look out! =D

Freaks and Geeks

I watched the whole first and only freaks and geeks series last week, so into it! how could they have cancelled it? rubbish


Loving this band! just recieved a cheeky promo copy of their new album 'Modern Bodies' (out nov 1st) pressing play now hehe, in the meantime check out some of their videos!

its love <3

King of kong

lol! u just gotta watch this documentary film about these top neeks, its brilliant.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


These knobs are moving wild horses from the place they was born, taking them away from all they know, putting them through so much stress and killing a load in the process! Horses are the one living thing in this world I can say I love more then anything, yet all the time I'm hearing about the terrible way they are being treated. Horses have helped make our life what it is today, now it seem we have cars and planes we don't need them anymore well that's not really fare is it? They are such emotionally animals the key reason why we have always had such strong trusting bonds with them, it truly breaks my heart to see these people treat them like pests.
So please support horse charity's they(horses) have always been here for us when we needed them and now more then ever they need us!!!!!!!

Yes Hayley you tell em...RESPECT THIS!

Sunday, 19 September 2010


Download JAILBATE!

JAILBATE is a banging new online magazine, its all about music, weed, munch, art/photography, fashion, skateboarding and more. I love the copy paste style of the pages, reminds me of mood boards. Created by Leon Campbell a friend of the Sick Kids we have been looking forward to getting a copy of this for ages. These are my favorite pages...

The blog page is sick, taking images and text from the blogs of the month and slapping them all on one page. I like the way they are using a print screen of the URL too, it kinda looks like your computer crashed.

Leon's Art page
is full of his pretty crazy and unique style, some of it sketched and some painted and displayed on skateboards and caps, along with a interview with the artist Leon.
I really love the cap designs!

T-Shirt page, this is a great collection of tee's by some brands I haven't yet heard of, it's fabulous as you can never have to many tee's. I spesh love the 'Skate Attack' tee by

Coral’s Gangsta Bitches page is all about showing love to female role models and talent. This is what we are all about here at the sick kids, so I was very pleased to see such a page. This months issue is about NEW YORK rapper Remy Ma who I now need to go check out!

The Interview page includes a interview with our family member Micky Worthless, this is defo our highlight from the magazine it's great to see some love getting chucked our way.

There is so much more for you to check out, these are just some of my top pages. I think it's a monthly magazine but for more info and to download go HERE. It's free so make sure you don't miss out!