Thursday, 21 May 2009

bad religion


i love this band so much! think this is my fave song atm


kels =]

The Fifth Element


'the Horror kids t-shirt' @


Tuesday, 19 May 2009


If you know me, you know I love my reality tv! So while I was hanging out with my friend 'fire fingers' we came across this tv show called 'How to dump your mates'! And it really was a reality show about dumping your mates and finding cooler new ones![JOKES] Turns out fire fingers is already a fan and has seen them all already on 4OD. Me and kelly checked a few more eps out last night, its really jokes and harsh! Hard to watch in that good way, you know? It might be one you want to check out!

Was good seeing fire fingers this weekend, here's a photo of us from the good old time, young times! =]


Style Icon Of The Week!

Mary-Kate Olsen this weeks winner she is always a winner in this game. We love Mary-Kate's Gothic/Hippie look, she rocks it well. She's bad ass!

Monday, 18 May 2009


Thats what we do!

The Littlest Sick Kid

cute as fuck!

...not me looking like a crack ho but our little cousin cassidy! we had a dance off to taylor swift which was funny because you cant really dance to taylor swift, cassy won obviously but she's like in grade 2 modern dance.. she also wrote me a check for £100010, safe cassy!!

kels xx

Friday, 15 May 2009

blasphemy..blas for you.. jesus christ ..the blackest jew..

i love this song from the lastest NOFX release 'Coaster'...classic!

NOFX for life! =p

kels x

Dirty Fucking Folk!

This is Billy Barratt and Dave Vincent of the dirty folk band 'Billy Vincent'.
Fucking sick just about sums them up! get their latest release 'sugar & soap' on itunes! it already went to number 1 on the hmv folk download chart!
truly exciting, real, goosebump inducing and original music! u gotta give these guys a chance even thought were biased [family maaaan!] i insist u go to their myspace page and check the tunes on there my faves at the moment are:

- the wayward fall in line
- roses
- through stations for trains

you'll be singing along after the first listen!

Billy vincent is a fairly new band but these guys have been on the guitar grind since i can actually remember! check out their old band 'Crash Convention' too because those were the first rock gigs i ever went to and it blew my fucking mind dude! cc stuff is more punky and reckless loved by the likes of carl barat.

kels =]

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Just Watched...

Seen this along time ago but just watched it again with kelly, really sick film!

lele x

Monday, 11 May 2009

It's daddy Jackson's birthday today!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Just had a banging pizza hut lunch with dad and kelly, I'm stuffed!

Me and Kel got him:
*Sick Kids T-shirt!
*CD: The New Bob Dylan
*DVD: Rock Profile [comedy]
*DVD: Chris Rock - Never Scared [comedy]
*Manly Shampoo and spray.

ahh aint we just the best kids!



Style Icon of the Week!

Liz McDonald!!

Yes I know your thinking what the fuck, but Liz is a house hold fav of ours. Not that we would dress like this, but styles about wearing what you want and doing it well, she defo does that. Hot Stuff!

We hold our hand up we love Taylor Swift!!!!!

She's so geektastic and we think shes great!

Taylor in geek out action!!


Sceney Sceneable does a music video!!

And its fucking amazing!!

" this thing on" [CLASSIC]

If you don't already know about "Scene Kid Love" your missing out, it's a Comedy Sketch about myspace scene kids, its spot on!

Check it out here:

Stevie Ryan is a Don, one of those sick laydee's we love to love!

lele x

Monday, 4 May 2009

Style Icon Of The Week!

Oh yes it's that time again, but this week its a group!

Yes it's 'TLC (the 1991 styling days)!

We love them! xx


Cyndi Lauper is such a Don, she cracks me up when she said..''He got a keyboard and a synth and she got a panda and a book??'' Such a joker!

lele xx

lele's thought's on new eminem song/video...

It's sick yes because we love our dark visuals and our Eminem! I think his even taken a leap out the lele book with the bloody bath shot very 'uh oh' chic! lol.
But I agree with kelly on the voice its good to try these things out but I aint heard him rap in his own voice for a long time, maybe those days are just gone! It's the new voice the new em, maybe so his even rocking the dark hair now. Things are just changing his trying new things and we just cant help but miss the old stuff. Back then it felt like he wanted us to hear every lyric it was so clear so real sounding. Now I gota listen a few times round to try hear all the lyrics, but the heart and energy aint the same. His still got fire and this video is alot sicker then the last, I love his darker stuff its very creative!

lele xxx


More homemade good's from good old us! Hope you like this one '5 Corona's!'

lele xx

eminem 3 am

new eminem video!! woooo.. except he's actually doing the serious songs in that weird voice now :/ fucking great, NOT! imagine how great this song would be if he spat it like it was 1999?! oh well still loving the shitty horror flick vid. of course we'll be buying the album
k xx

Saturday, 2 May 2009


I had some doubts about these boots until they arrived.... but they are seriously banging i need to get them, well done for making me jealous lele!! =p

jackson xx

Traz Adams, KID & Worthless Live @ The Roxy 29/04/09

They played sick tunes, i took some pics, we missed the last train, we had sick times!