Friday, 25 June 2010

In bed with Fat Mike.

Why not? i could honestly listen to fat mike talk all day long!

HOLE Nobodys Daughter

i am loving this album right now, Hole never fails

Night of the living thread. Eva Spence of the band 'Rolo Tomassi' 's accessories label, she makes cool cushions, hair bands/ clips, pants, bags and stuff! i especially love the cushions, i need this rolo tomassi cosmology one in my life!

buy her stuff online HERE


its from clothing brand SUCK! ... im too late tho they only have xs left, bummer time.




Thursday, 24 June 2010

NEW! 'Stitched Up' Stock in the sick shop!

Womens LEVI 'Witch' high waist shorts [26" waist] £19.99 BUY

Womens LEVI 'Ghost kid' denim jacket medium [10-12] £49.99 BUY


Lovely, lovely, just lovely!



Nicki Minaj...

..can take a great photo!

Evil David Platt is coming back...HELL YES!!

Check out these pics I have spied of what's to come is Coronation Street this week...

Yes yes yes it looks like David Platt our favorite villain from Corrie is coming back to life this week, these photo's look jokes. David has been in the show since birth this character is amazing, well jokes and so evil, check out this video of just some of his high lights, though there is so many more then this you get the idea...

To get a short character profile of David Platt check out this video it's an interview with actor Jack P. Shepherd who plays David, it's a gooden!


Hahaha is it just me or is this guy Giggs pulling some jokes creeping faces? Like what is the inside joke here?! I don't know but those sly grins are making me laugh!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Of all the fake shit about these days yes all the fake noses, fake tans, fake tits, fake hair my number one fake hate is FAKE NAILS!! I hate them so much, they are stinking I wanna puke just thinking about the shit that grimey girls get stuck under those fake nails!
I think these designs amazing?! Still they really would look better on some nicely trimmed real nails!



Mannnnnnnn fuck what a tune!
Sways got a way to make you feel lame, ay?

It's the BRUZ!

Bruza is one of the few UK rappers we love, been a fan for years and I was stoked to find this video to hear his coming back and he ain't selling out yeah man do it for the love! =]

Thursday, 17 June 2010

At home with The Sick Kids!

in FRONT magazine, out today!

we also got this full page ad in there


Rolo Tomassi - Cosmology

i can't stop playing this album atm! its love

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

paramore - careful music video

while im on the subject of hayley williams might as well post this vid for paramores 'careful'. this song is fucking sick. thats why. they should of maybe done a better video for this song tho dont u think? i like the live vid just would maybe be more suited to one of the happier songs on the album.

B.o.b ft hayley williams - airplanes music video! XD

B.o.B Ft. Hayley Williams – Airplanes from farel on Vimeo.

Monday, 14 June 2010


Fuck yeah Xzibit is back, about time! Sick sick sick raps! =]

DOWNLOAD Festival 2010

so yeah we managed to score free guest passes to download this weekend! fucking result! it was really good and i defo wanna go next year! unfortunately we got stuck in mega traffic on the way and missed out on 36 crazyfists [i love them, i fucking love them] so that was sad. we had to leave early on sunday too so i flippin missed suicidal tendencies too!!! urgh! but still we got to see some really good bands play and we r now fully fledged rolo tomassi mega fans... so thats good =]

Them crooked vultures! - DAAAAAAAVE!

The Blackout - They put on a great show! this blonde guy with the same hair as me was swinging his microphone around like he was cherie currie!

Rolo Tomassi - fucking sick!

Rage against the machine - they were so fun to watch, sound amazing and everyone was doin hilarious dancing, a real highlight of the fest.

AC/DC - amazing, obviously! school boy dude stripped down to his ac/dc pants which was hilariously awkward. love them

Flyleaf - one of my fave bands ever! missed them on tour this year, so so glad i got to see them =]

see u there next year! \m/

AH MAN... I wish I was there!!

Thursday, 10 June 2010


Lady Gaga - Alejandro

...It's fucking amazing, we LOVE this lady!!! =]

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Danny Miller

Danny Miller plays my favorite character on TV at the moment 'Aaron Livesy' in the soap 'Emmerdale', his had such good story lines lately we have been gripped to the show. His one of the best actors I've seen on TV, I'm pretty sure he'll go on to big things, but not to soon I hope we need him in the dales! =]


silly me i'm too old 4 u

my fave posts from =]