Monday, 20 December 2010


Trackys are the house uniform, I need more!!
These are all sick! :)

Nike Component+ Pants

Adidas Originals Team Fleece Pants

Saturday, 18 December 2010

20 Questions with Gallows! (Interview & live) - Sick Kids TV

Check out the interview we did with Gallows at their gig at Kingston Peel on 26/11/10. It's bloody sick!



Wednesday, 15 December 2010

SICK KIDS SPONSOR 'DON'T FLOP - Blood in the Water'

We love to support and do what we can for amazing talented music/people/art/events everything we love! Don't forget to always support what you love MUST go to gigs/events and buy music/merch! KEEP THE ARTS ALIVE!!!

This is the first battle that's been uploaded from 'Blood in the Water' held by Don't Flop. This is a rap battle event that has UK rappers up against American and Canadian rappers! A real sick event guys so check out the first video up with the amazing Soul Khan, look out for when Khan mentions Coronation Street it was my highlight! :)

To check out our SICK KIDS logo in with the other sponsors near the start of the vid!

More vid's from this event to come!



Friday, 10 December 2010




ALL! heha so descendents are back in action! ...why do i daydream? ..why do i get my hopes up at all?

This is why!!

heres a cool interview they did in novemeber at funfunfun festival..

ahhhhh! live vids..

dunno if they are coming the the old ingerland yet but we are probs gonna go see them in Germany next year anyway! :D

fucking yes xx

Hollywood is dead!

re-imagined movie posters by Matt Busch!


127 hours

The new full length trailer for 127 HOURS, directed by Danny Boyle (SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, 28 DAYS LATER) and starring James Franco.

cant wait to see this film! the trailer kinda spoils it tho as usual just a warning!

talking of franco...what is this?! its hot thats what it is.



Japanese Voyeurs

grunge revival? YES PLEASE!

Goldielocks - Pterodactyl/Magic Carpet

Check out the brand new release from our girl Goldie!

BUY IT NOW! on itunes

& Check out these banging pics of the golden one shot by the very lovely Gabriel green...


Not bad for a girl - rockumentary

cool doc about females musicians from the 90's featuring some of our faves like L7 & Hole <3

Anton Semenov - Digital Illustration!

in love with his work!

-Anton Semenov DeviantART

Yelawolf - pop the trunk

we fucking love this dude/video/song! SHWINGGG!!!! its love its love its love <3

NES Electric guitar!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Monday, 6 December 2010

Corrie gets Epic!!

WOW!!!! We are sooooooooo excited about tonights ep!!!

Ok, Ok, Ok...
We are proud Coronation Street and Emmerdale hardcore fans, everyone gets shocked by this but if you actually watched them, you would know why we are so hooked!!

Friday, 3 December 2010

Don't Flop - Blood in the Water! (trailer)

We had a lot of fun when we went down to Dont Flop - Blood in the Water a few weeks ago, we got to see some sick rappers battle it out, we was really stoked to watch some amazing American rappers such as Soul Khan, Real Deal, Tricky P and more, plus some of the sickest UK rappers likes Oshea and Sensa. Here is a trailer of the day, keep an eye out for the full battles because there are some amazing ones!

Thursday, 2 December 2010


Yes friends we have it, here is the longed for Sick Kids 20 Questions with ChickenHawk!
And yes it's pretty fucking amazing!
We went down to see them play at The Bull and Gate in London last week and pulled them down a near by ally for an interview!
Here are the goods, enjoy! :)

Plus makes sure you grab a copy of good old Front Magazine this month and check out the ChickenHawk feature! Here are some of the pics, which are bloody sick! haha!

PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsss... Look out for some pics of us in our ChickenHawk Tee's!