Wednesday, 15 December 2010

SICK KIDS SPONSOR 'DON'T FLOP - Blood in the Water'

We love to support and do what we can for amazing talented music/people/art/events everything we love! Don't forget to always support what you love MUST go to gigs/events and buy music/merch! KEEP THE ARTS ALIVE!!!

This is the first battle that's been uploaded from 'Blood in the Water' held by Don't Flop. This is a rap battle event that has UK rappers up against American and Canadian rappers! A real sick event guys so check out the first video up with the amazing Soul Khan, look out for when Khan mentions Coronation Street it was my highlight! :)

To check out our SICK KIDS logo in with the other sponsors near the start of the vid!

More vid's from this event to come!

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