Thursday, 25 February 2010

Krugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! Im here!

new freddy new freddy new freddy!


The strangest Slick Rick Collabo I've ever heard!

Aaliyah - Got to give it up Feat.Slick Rick

I love both Slick Rick and Aaliyah but this 70's song should have stayed in the 70's! I don't remember hearing this in 96 so I don't think it was very big. But while out looking for some more Slick Rick gems I came across it. Slick Rick sounds sick but it don't seem to blend to well with the song, plus his verses are really short and randomly chucked in at the end! To be honest Aaliyah's parts are pretty unbearable to listen to but don't get it twisted I love Aaliyah I'm just more into her hip hop stuff, one of my fav songs is 'Don't know what to tell ya' that song never gets old!!
Just keeping alive the old stuff..(because lately it seems alot better then the new!) =]

lele x

Jemina will rise again!

omg look what i found! this trailer for some zombie film about rednecks fighting zombies with karate, features one of our all time favorites, jemina pearl as one of the dudes girlfriend!

i dont think this even got made as a film, im not sure ...but somebody give her another horror role please we need more!!

"tell me this randy, whats more important to you, ME OR KARATE?!"



Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Midnight Express

My dad lent me this the other day, its like that show 'banged up abroad' but a film and made in the 70's. its based on a true story, which is always good, i loved it, if u like prison stuff you'll like it too.


District 9

excellent & hilarious!

i love prawns and i LOVE the south african accent, i really liked this film alot & u will too. maybe


NEW Billy Vincent EP 'The Morden Shake' available for pre order!

The boys from billy vincent have got a new ep! hurrah! one of my all time fave songs partII is the first track! its actually an oldie, bill wrote it back when they were in 'crash convention' but they've given it the billy vincent treatment and it sounds just lovely. personally i also really love the second track, sung and i assume written by david vincent, i really can't get enough of dave's moody acoustic tracks, pass me the bucket this is SICK!

pre-order it here
ive already got mine mwahaha!

kelly x

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


...and I am so happy about it!!!

So we are 3 episodes in and I'm watching in US time because I can't wait 5 days later to get it over here. I am such a big lost fan I'm in my element right now but I can't talk about it because kelly still needs to catch up and will kill me if I write something she don't know about yet! But this I can say so far so so good! ;]

lele x


Paramore - The Only Exception

We love Paramore but are not really fans of this video though we still love the song! Come on guys bring back the fire of Ignorance that video was sickkk!


Monday, 22 February 2010

This Week We Watched...


And yeah it was pretty sick, it was no 'Black Beauty' mind you but we really did enjoy it! Oh how we love a beautiful bond between horse and rider. This film was made in 1979 but in the 1990's they started a TV series based on this film called 'The Adventures of the Black Stallion' and weirdly in this series the horse that plays the black stallion is the same horse that play black beauty in 'Black Beauty'! Now that is pretty amazing in it's own way! If you loved 'Black Beauty' and 'Horse Whisperer' and you don't mind oldie films then you'll love this!

lele =]

I Have Been Listening To...


And I am fucking loving it! Micky(Worthless) brought me this album a couple weeks ago and I was shockerized at this guys skills on the mic! He is not like any other rapper I've heard and though not at all the same you could say it's more like spoken word. I'm sure you have all already heard of Sage and I'm just mega late on this but I've heard it now and thats all that matters! It's bloody amazing and something you should not miss out on, so if you ain't got it go buy it now! And when I say buy I mean buy it's artist like Sage you should respect!

So thanks again Micky! =]

Love lele x

Friday, 19 February 2010

Don't you just love Hayley's ORANGE Mic???


...Jealous!(in Kim Kardashian Voice) =]

50 is coming to London Town!

Yes we are sooo pleased that 50 Cent is doing a UK tour at long last! His London date is at Wembley Arena on the 20th March. We are so bloody excited for this one. If you never did check out his latest album "Before I self destruct" it's sick so do check it, skip to "So Disrespectful" and "Hold Me Down" but it's an album you can really enjoy so play the whole thing! I also must say the song "Stretch" is jokes it just a banging album all round. Ok Ok Ok it's not no "Get Rich or Die Tryin" or "Massacre" but for me it's just as good it's right for now if you get me? To be honest his album was just what I needed after all this crap from people like lil wayne and after the big let down of "Relapse" from Eminem which by the way is good but it's not really that good for Eminem is it? You get me!? I don't know...but I'm just really looking forward to seeing 50 live! So are you going to be there????

lele =] =]

Dizzee Rascal Smashed it at The Brit Awards!

Dizzee Rascal is the one UK rapper making us proud at the moment, this song and performance is sick if you haven't seen it we are now telling you it's a must watch!
I really like this song alot more then his other releases because his rapping sick verses again. On his latest hits he hasn't really been on spitting an amazing verse, I understand his making that move into pop music so it's hard for a verse to always work but in this song he smashes it! Go Dizzee!!! =] =]


Thursday, 11 February 2010


This is a runaways cover by a 14 year old girl who found me on youtube, she played all the instruments which she learns by ear and she does the singing! how cool is she?! i dont know her name but she is sick! (i'll find it out and update u) theres more, checkout her channel here

14 year olds are listening to joan jett. now thats what im talking bout!


Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Sick Kids TV - Episode 7

Join The Sick Kids this week for festive fun as Lele and Jackson Kid join up with the family and Goldie is abroad in more amazing places performing.
Have fun times watching please COMMENT and RATE plus don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for more!!!