Monday, 25 January 2010


gotta love leighton meester, what a cutey! and this song, hilarious, i love it. not sure why, i just saw this video and was like "oh my god, thats amazing" (in a whispered steven baldwin voice)

Goth Blocked

stevie ryan as a goth! she looks amazing! betch! love this song! if u dont know about stevie u gotta subscribe to her youtube (therealparis) , check out 'scene kid love' & 'the islands' especially.

The Candyman

Goldielocks was right.

you want it, you need it!


hey man!

id apologize for the lack of blogging, but my new years resolution is to stop saying sorry, because im not sorry, so there!
happy new yaaar! feels like its gonna be a good one right? lol i really hope so, last year kinda sucked balls for us! cant wait to get back out playing gigs and stuff, the last real gig we played was december 2008! ..i think, so yeah were really excited about playing as many live shows as possible once all the shits together!
Lele has being writing and recording alot of really great new stuff shes just dying to show you! yeehaa.
ive being making pictures. pictures of faces! i'll show u soon, once ive scanned that shit, ow yeah.
ive also been watching alot of films and playing my nintendo ds my bf got me for xmas! its so addictive, now he can watch the football til his eyes bleed without a peep from me!
ive not sat on my arse the whole time tho, we've been doing alot of exercise! working it out! lol really we have! =D still need to stop eating so much fast food but hey hey one step at a time ey.
i dyed my hair pink last week, i was going for baby pink but it went bright pink and erm i dont even like pink it kept reminding me of avril lavigne and how shes fucked everything up with all her pink shit (i used to love her), and i heard that shes calling her new album 'pink crust' .. erm what?! last nail in the coffin avril! ive bleached it out and i wont be doing that again, think ive finally learnt my lesson! ha


Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The Runaways - Cherie Interview

HAHAHA! I love the way they all look so pissed off, classic shit! =]