Monday, 24 August 2009

Stay Cool Murray!

haha me and micky love this song!!

What a classic!

lele x

Not sure what's wrong with me!!

It's the second night in a row I've woke up real early to be sick and no I'm not preggers. Sucks ass because it's been on lay in days, I heard there might be a bug going round. I think I've caught every bug, cold and flu going round this summer, how the hell am I still alive!



1ST Episode of SICK KIDS TV is up now!!!

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thanks for watching, let us know if you think it a good idea to keep making these weekly?


Friday, 21 August 2009

Coming Soon..

A Sick Kids TV Series!

It's catching up with what we are doing weekly and giving it to you in 10min Episodes each week. We are going to try keeping this going as long as we can but that could mean it lasting anything from 4 eps to 50. We are pretty crap when it comes to doing stuff like this but its about time we changed our ways!

Hope you enjoy. First Episode will be up over the weekend.


P.S. At least we can say it will be way better then the Hills!

Thursday, 13 August 2009


i love flyleaf!
jk =]


my dad said they might make me hallucinate! ..well that would be a welcome change from boring old flu.. they make me feel sick actually but i'll keep u posted incase i do see any crazies!


if paramore is a crime then put me in jail!


video link:


Monday, 10 August 2009

Vintage Lele [SPEAKS]

managed to get these old photos of lele [taken on b&w film] i took for a college project a few years back, onto my new hard drive! so i thought i'd share =]


nightime rules! do one daytime!

Monday, 3 August 2009


they always play taylor swift in the background in corrie! in the pub, in the cafe, in the garage, on the radio at home and in the factory! hmmm I smell a top fan!



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lele =]

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Lele turns 21 in Amsterdam!

Im back from Amsterdam and it was fucking sick! Time went really fast because we planned loads of stuff to do.
When we arrived saturday we dumped our stuff at the apartment and went straight out to a coffee shop for our first spliff of the holiday and it was amazing. We grabbed some more cronic on the way out and went back to get ready to go out. Good old Bank(from haunts+producer) got us guest list for 'Gary Go' who was supporting 'Lady Gaga' it was so sick to catch that while we was in Amsterdam!
When we got home we got really really high and watched twilight, it was mickys first time watching and oh yeh his a mega fan now too.
The next day was my birthday so I had a mega lay in and then spent the day walking round amsterdam.
That night we went out to see 'Bruno' which was sooo funny omg crude but funny. The only thing was we need to watch it again now because when bruno spoke in his language the subtitles were in dutch. We didnt really think about that before we went in. Duh.
The next day was a real fun day because we went to Walibi World which is a theme park a train ride away from amsterdam. It was soooooo sick there, so make sure you check out the pics because it was way better then any UK one I been to. And you know what was the best thing?? The max time we waited for a ride for 15 mins amazing compared to the 40mins-1hr I waited in thorpe park!
The next day we got really high it was our last day so we hunted out our fav coffee shops and got the bangingest stuff. We had a not so lovely pasta for tea but still it was a day off from the normal mc donalds. We watch twilight again as we fell asleep for our last night.
We woke up and had to do all that wack packing and giving the keys back. Then we had a few hours to kill before our flight so we smoked many spliffs at our fav coffee shop(the green house) and then made our way home!

Great Birthday, lets hope the rest is great!

lele =]

Check out the pics @


If you are a big lost fan like us then you must watch the last ever 2009 Comic Con its really good and includes members of the cast!

Enjoy my losties!


The Runaways

i hope this film is good! needs to be worth those bad hair cuts at least! I love Kristen Stewart, she's way cool!


shut your mouth you stupid little brat, what u need is a smack smack smack!

i love this band, going to see them play tonight!


It's the place that i am now

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Lewis James White (09/07/82 - 09/07/09) R.I.P

Lewis was a really cool dude, im lost for words. I love u sherry. RIP Lewis xxxxxxxxxxxxx