Wednesday, 28 April 2010

WIN! SickKids stuff in may issue of ROCK SOUND!

Get the may issue of ROCKSOUND magazine out now! and enter the comp to be in with a chance to win this jacket & other sick kids clothing goodies!

Baaaaad Religion!

yes! they are finally coming to the uk!

dates here

The new!

Its now up and running! check it out =]

I'm Sad I Missed Out On....

Super Mario Soda!!!

I'm a huge fan of Mario and was bummed out when I heard I missed out on these in the 90's! Bummer Time!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

[SPEAKS] Shows needed!


Lele needs as many gigs as we can get starting NOW! so if your putting on a night in or around the London area or know someone who might wanna put her on let us know! u can contact us via twitter @thesickkids & @lelespeaks

bring back the dead... please?

Rocket From The Crypt.

i cant stop playin this rftc album i got off ebay the other day!
they are jus so great, i had a couple of their albums a while back which i really liked but now im in love! im dyin to buy the rest of their albums now!
i love getting into old bands like this, its all new to my ears but they have a massive back catalogue u get to go thru! i really got into the lead singers [speedo] new band 'the night marchers' and saw them play last year..or maybe in 08, not sure... waiting around for their second album was gettin too much, i love this guys voice, so glad i went and got more rocket =]

RFTC- I Know.

The Night Marchers - Branded

The Night Marchers - You've got nerve


Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Yes you maybe have seen my tweets about B.o.B and from what I've heard from him so far his music is fucking amazing! It instantly makes me feel happy, hmm maybe because it really is bloody sick and it's not often you find a new artist you 100% feel.
The album ain't out yet and normally that wouldn't faze me, we are always having to steal music till it's released here and then we go buy it again! But you can't find "B.o.B: The Adventures of Bobby Ray" leaked anywhere and it's been a hard one to wait out because now we all know there is a track with Eminem on called "Airplanes II", Hayley Williams is also on the same track.
As I write this I notice today that a clip of "Airplanes II" has been put up on B.o.B's myspace, it's like the shortest clip ever but gives you the start of Em's verse and yes it sounds fucking amazing, it's so short but still got me excited.
I really like the range of styles B.o.B has on his tracks, his flows and raps are on point. His songs and lyrics are exciting and unlike anything else that's going on right now(well in the mainstream anyways)!
These are my fav songs I've heard from him so far(not in any order, I'm really feeling every one)...

Airplanes ft.Hayley Williams
Bet I ft.T.I. & Playboy Tre
I'll be in the Sky
Generation Lost

Such good stuff man I can't wait to get this album!!!

Check out his myspace: Click Here

Will let you know my thoughts on the album when I get it! =]

Monday, 12 April 2010


..THESE SHOES!!!!!!!!

They are just so ugly, do people really wear these????
I remember when I was a young kid and it was in the big early days of Britney Spears and she was the face of skechers, even as a kid I thought urgh why is Britney wearing them trainers, they are so stinking.
They don't seem to have got any better it's amazing they are still kicking about and yet so much other good stuff ain't. Sucks!!



DOC WATCH: A Fall from Freedom!

Check out this Doc I watch the other day called 'A Fall from Freedom'...

...It's a sad one but really opens your eyes. It's about capturing and displaying small dolphins and killer whales in marine parks and aquariums it's a dark world and one I feel strongly against! Sea World are the worst, they make so much money from the dolphins and whales and what do they give back to them nothing but a short unhappy life! I have got to get rich one day so I can bring these guys down open up the worlds eyes to whats going on in these places, that going to them and riding on dolphins is just helping towards the deaths of tens of thousands of small dolphins and dozens of killer whales! See for yourself it's so heart breaking....

Saturday, 10 April 2010

NEW [SPEAKS] Pics by Jackson KID

Check the rest out and post lovely comments on her brand new myspace!


Hey i just worked out [im only slow on computers not in life...well] i can add my own email to this thing so me and lele dont have to sign our names after each post, so now all the previous posts say they were from lele... but some of them were mine i put a 'k' to let u know, but now you'll just know... so thats better aint it..

jeff the brotherhood

love these guys!

jeff the brotherhood blog


Wednesday, 7 April 2010

new weezer!

quite like this song on first listen, was thinking i might go ahead and get the new album. wasnt really into the red album [love the green and blue], but then i saw the album cover.

got. to. get. that! even if it sucks i can just look at it =D


new flyleaf vid 'missing'

lacey looks amazing! not my fave song on the album but 'momento mori' is definately one of my fave albums of 2009, can't stop listening to flyleaf and i didnt even need to find jesus first.


Flight of the navigator

love this film! i really wanted one of those creatures when i was little.


New SPEAKS song up on myspace!