Tuesday, 28 July 2009

thorpe park

just dont go on the tidal wave, it wasnt worth driving home looking like this. That ride can suck my balls.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Our girl Goldielocks & Morgan Zarate for Nike

Download the FREE Mp3 for their tune Livin'140 now!


Sunday, 19 July 2009

John Locke

I'm thinking of doing a photo the same as this, John Locke is the don.


S!CKKiD Original Paintings

the first ones! u can buy them now @ TheSickKids online shop.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

vas up!

hallo! just watched bruno the other day so the speaking voice in my head is bruno's for now. usually its australian, not sure why but anyways bruno was pretty sick! floppy willies swinging in the wind is always funny right? [see that film 'sex drive', sounds dodgy but its hilarious] im a bit annoyed tho because really the film was ruined by the fucking epic trailers they have nowadays! why do they have to show the whole film in the trailer?! knob heads!
incase u hadnt noticed, ive turned orange! wtf? i hid from the sun for about 3 years so i could be a pastey goth and now look, one day in the friggin sun and im tangoed damn it 'olive skin' its not even olive! but dougie looks cute! so worth putting up.
yesterday i went to the races with my dad, we ate fish and chips and lost all the bets we put down but it was nice! i have to ride in a race before i die, gonna try and sort that out, maybe do a charity race or something which would be soooooo sick =] i wanted to be a jockey but im too tall =[ ..struggling artist was only my b plan!

what else... erm not tooo much... just the usual stoner shit! [maybe alot happened but my memory is only getting worse] .. started watching 24...it aint no lost! omg i got the lost game on the xbox! only played it for half hour the other day cos i felt ill but im pretty excited to get back to it! (xbox lives at my bf's =[)
oh and me and lele got started on planning/rehearsing the live show for when we start doing gigs again THANK FUCK! touring is the one!! also another music vid in the works! =p & i been doing some paintings! prints will be avalible for purchase soon as well as original art works... i'll keep u posted on that! like u care! pah! lol its ok i got that PMA, i know u care.

later lovelies

jackson kid x

p.s finally got my old camera working n found this pic of me n lele n also a nice one of billy vincent when we saw them play..i cant even remember.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Once you get past the weird song at the start this guys videos are always great! Maybe it's just because we love nintendo but still its a good time passer.


This is his youtube page: www.youtube.com/AngryNintendoNerd

This is one of my fav's:

Friday, 10 July 2009

taking back flava flav

i bought the latest taking back sunday cd 'new again' because i love all the previous albums, but its not great. mediocre. aother wasted tenner. which ever member left before this album, he was the talent!...or was it flava flav? ...this song is sick

we got that pma!

Monday, 6 July 2009


This is the second free mixtape 50 has released in the last 2 weeks(the 1st one was the 'War Angel LP'), both being pretty fucking sick! 50 is on top right now this is all leading up to the forthcoming album 'BEFORE I SELF DESTRUCT' in store September 09. And we can't wait to hear it! Download both mixtapes from his website:

The latest video for the song 'Ok You're Right' is soooooo sick we was sick when we first watched it!

Forever King
skip to I'm paranoid, Respect it or check it, Suicide watch, Put that work in.

War Angel
skip to Ok ya right, I line ******, Talking in codes, C.R.E.A.M 2009.

lele x

Sunday, 5 July 2009

ghost world

watch this last night on my jack's, bought it for 3 quid the other day in hmv because the cover looked amazing! its was good, not enough scarlett tho! ...not as good as horse whisperer, thats the real shit.

k x

she's gonna blow!

NASA photo of erupting Sarychev Peak Volcano, taken from aboard the international space station! bad asssssss! i wanna work for the ISS! fucking sick

k x

Camden Lock Market Sunday 12th july

we will be setting up stall next sunday in camden, so come on down and get some sick garms yo!! we will also being selling sick kid paintings! FUN =D

sick kids next top models

thanks to chad & adam for being our man models! click on their names below the pics to check out their music pages!! =]



Thursday, 2 July 2009