Monday, 29 June 2009

MAN video

new lele[SPEAKS] SONG/VIDEO! its lele's take on michelle Pfeiffer singing 'cool rider' in grease 2! subscribe to lele[SPEAKS] ON YOUTUBE [link is on this blog page] ...that hannah montana wig has come in really handy lately

Thursday, 18 June 2009

my first sick kids 'piece'

lol! i just noticed these lovely book ends i made in school quite a few years ago, sitting on top of my nans tv. what child brings home book ends with a girl dying to pee on one side and a toilet on the other?! genius! nan dosent seem to have many books that need holding up.

kelly =]

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

"She didn't swear" Taylor Swift - Thug Story!



ALL are playing a few gigs in california...why do i live in this shit country?!! i was ment to be born in california! scott is singing with them again! please come to england ALL!! or better yet the descendents?! haha i seriously need to find a new favorite band, suggestions welcome =]

kels x

Monday, 8 June 2009


we took our boyfriends to see britney last thursday! it was really fun! an amazing show, jeez she can dance!! we had a whole private box to ourselves with an amazing view! she looked ridiculously banging as u can see! i nicked this pick from her website as my little camera is a gonner =[


red mutha fashion fair photos!

a few pics from the fash fair! didnt take enough as usual! we had a good old time tho, met some cool people [tape chain boys, kate (gobbolino), naomi(last pic)&helen&clare (working on the stall over there) and the guys with the bad ass hand drawn hats (cant remeber their names but if i find them again i'll put a link up cos their stuff is really cool) brighton seems like a very lovely place to be =] we stayed at grandads caravan, its the first time ive been there (kelly) and i thought it was so amazing!! mega luxury dude! its got 4 bedrooms!! wtf?! and a massive sofa and tv! we were so knackered we crashed pretty early (after we met our good friend fire fingers for some beachy splif time and crazy chinese buffet food - love u firefingerss!!) we watched signs and went to bed!

hope to see u soon brighton!

check out red mutha for future fashion fairs and info on everything red mutha!
(they are safe as fuck AND sell really cool stuff - check out those maccy d rings they made for lele!!)

love and vom


Thursday, 4 June 2009