Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London Riots, I'm sick of hearing...

..'police suck' from people! I think it has more to do with all these good doer's with over the top human rights that tie the hands of our police from actually doing anything! Do you think if these kids thought they would get shot down dead for doing this they'd still do it? No they wouldn't, they are cowards that go around in packs intimidating others usually smaller groups or they single people out. Now it's got to this point and its kicking off everywhere because THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT!
KIDS CAN DO WHAT THE FUCK THEY WANT, now even parents can't smack it's fucking unreal. These brats have no discipline in their life, they are not scared of anything. This is not about youth clubs and having nothing to do. For fuck sake do these type of kids not have an imagination or a passion for anything? I know of kids that do things like start a band, write songs/books in there own time, have friends over, play or kick a ball. I think there are a lot of things kids can do for free other than looting, mugging people and setting fire to stuff?! JESUS! Having something to do don't cost money they don't need all this stuff they just want it because they are lazy, jealous and clearly slightly retarded.
I'm sad that people like this make me feel ashamed of being working class. We have to work extra hard as it is to make something of ourselves and build a future. And they use that as an excuse "oh we don't come from money" boohoo, most people don't so get on with it like the rest of us you idiots. I bet most of the people that got looted was working class and spent years building there business. These rude youths think they are entitled to so much, when really what have they ever done for anyone? They don't deserve anything if they behave like this, they are just a bad batch of eggs. I call them the sore losers, losing at life... so lets lock em up and chuck away the key please. OK rank over.


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